If you're in the Music Business, We'll Build & host your website or Smartphone App for you...

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Our Clients


Intro2Music's clients are, Musicians, Bands, Composers, Orchestras, Producers, DJ's, Music Management & Agents, Recording & Rehearsal Studios, Venues, Music Tutors and many others.

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Intro2 Sitepad is our simple Drag/Drop website builder for creating 'Static' Websites (just like the one you're looking at now).

Complex Dynamic Websites with Multi-Users or heavy data processing of video and audio streaming etc., require our MCMS (Media Content Management System).

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App Creation is handled by our Online App Studio. Easily create cross-platform apps for Android, iOS and HTML5. Drag/Drop to add Features.

Use your App for In-House work only or, Publish to Google Play and/or Apple App Store for public distribution.

Free App Studio Access for all Intro2Music Clients.

White-Label Multi-User App Studio Reseller Facilities available for Agencies and others with a large client list of their own..

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Our App and Website building systems includes Google Analytics integration, allowing clients to have in-depth analysis of their website and/or App visitors as they browse your project e.g., which pages they visit etc.

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Our Network


Our Websites Servers are Hosted in High-Speed  Data Centres in the UK, France, Germany, and USA.

Our App Servers are located in the UK and France.

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Music Sales
Sell your music tracks individually as downloadable MP3s/WAV or sell a whole album. Give your site visitors the choice.
Mechandise Sales
Sell any kind of physical goods directly from your own Website or App. All Intro2Music Facilities include e-Commerce.
Service Shop
Promote and sell your Services on your Website. Useful for Piano Tuners, Sound Engineering, and other kinds of Musical Services.
Smartphone App
Create an iOS, Android & HTML5 Smartphone App for your brand. Our Online App Studio is an easy to use Drag/Drop experience.
Photo Gallery Sales
You can sell any of the photos that have been uploaded to your site. The site shows a compressed version and visitor buys Hi-Res version of your photos.
File Downloads
Let your site visitors download all sorts of files e.g., .zip .pdf .doc, and many more. Files can be downloaded free or after purchase.
Bundles (audio etc)
Create downloadable bundles of your works for sale on your Intro2Music Website. Bundles can be a mixture of audio, video, photos, and other files.
Video Sales
Let your site visitors buy and download any of the videos that have been uploaded to your Intro2Music Website.